Fokker Tribute at former factory site Schiphol

In 1953 at the Fokker Aircraft Schiphol Site work started on the construction on the first flying prototype of the Fokker F27 Friendship, the PH-NIV. Two years later, on 24th November, 1955 the aircraft, which was to become a great success, made its debut flight lasting 34 minutes. Two prototypes were manufactured and both made many test and demonstration flights throughout the whole world.

ImageKLM became the first company in 1957 to place an order for the F27.The first aircraft off the production line made its maiden flight on the 23rd March, 1958. All together there were 581 Fokker Friendship aircraft of different specifications built at Schiphol. In addition to this there was further production of 206 aircraft built under license at the Fairchild factory in the United States. The success of the Fokker Friendship is thanks to its versatility. In 1986, thirty years after the construction of 787 aircraft, production of the F27 was stopped. After the bankruptcy of Fokker Aircraft on 15th March, 1996 the remaining Fokker 50s and Fokker 100s were finished and this became the definite end of the production of Fokker Aircraft at the Schiphol location

In 1999 Delta Development Group, VolkerWessels and Reggeborgh Groep launched the redevelopment of the site which became known as Fokker Logistics Park. The Fokker F27 Friendship elected best industrial design of the 20th Century deserves her prominent position in the history of world aviation.

As a memorial to its production location at Schiphol various sponsors have funded the placing of a FOKKER TRIBUTE. An original Fokker F27 Friendship, built in 1971 now has a prominent place at the entrance of Fokker Logistics Park.

The Fokker F27 Friendship Story

After some years of preparation and investigation Jan F. Homma and Hans K. Groen published their CD-ROM
"Fokker F27 Friendship Story" on May 3, 2011. It contains the development, production, operations and crashes of the Fokker F27. More than 3000 pages. The first complete story of the famous Fokker turboprop.


Fokker mechanics without borders

For a long time Jan Nieuwenburg and Ab Steenbergen were members of the 'guild' of technical representatives for Fokker. The function had quite its change of titles: Service Engineer, Technical Representative, Area Representative. But the mission was always the same: Make sure that every proud owner of a new Fokker plane - no matter where in the world - learns how to handle the plane, without bothering the plant too much.

Fokker F.VIIa

Both Fokker and the KLM considered the F.VII's only as prototypes. Hardly a month passed or, as a matter of experimentation, another engine was fitted or another stabiliser tried out. Even if Mr Plesman (CEO KLM - transl.) not really appreciated all this, KLM and Fokker had only one goal in mind, the construction of as perfect a plane as possible.

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